Appropriate DESCOVY FOR PrEP ® Candidates

Start the conversation with sexually active individuals earlier and often

Sexually active individuals should be informed about PrEP medication for HIV prevention, according to 2021 CDC guidelines1

Risk of HIV acquisition extends to sexually active people, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status

There are several reasons why appropriate individuals may not already be using a PrEP medication. Some common barriers to PrEP medication use include1,2

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Low awareness of PrEP options
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Underestimation of HIV risk
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Discomfort about discussing sexual history

According to the CDC, part of routine healthcare means understanding the sexual history of the people you see.1 Identify potential PrEP medication candidates by starting a dialogue about:

Sexual activity3
“Do you have any questions or concerns about your sexual health?”
“Are you currently having sex? If so, what kind—oral, vaginal, or anal?”
Sexual relationships3
“Is your sexual partner(s) new or long term? Are you and your partner(s) in an open relationship?”
STI history3
“Have you or your partner(s) ever had an STI?”
“If you use STI prevention tools (eg, condoms or dental dams), what methods do you use and how often?”
“Have you ever been tested for STIs? Would you like to be tested?”
PrEP medication use3
“Have you ever been on a PrEP medication before?”
HIV testing habits3,4
“Do you tend to get tested for HIV regularly or just when you think you may have been exposed?”
“Have you ever been tested for HIV? Would you like to be tested?”

When prescribing DESCOVY FOR PrEP®, consider the following5:

  • DESCOVY FOR PrEP should be prescribed only to individuals who are confirmed to be HIV-1 negative immediately prior to initial use and who do not have signs or symptoms consistent with acute HIV infection
  • While using DESCOVY FOR PrEP, HIV-1 screening tests should be repeated at least every 3 months and upon diagnosis of any STIs
  • Individuals must strictly adhere to the dosing schedule because the effectiveness of DESCOVY FOR PrEP is strongly correlated with adherence
  • Use DESCOVY for HIV-1 PrEP to reduce the risk of HIV as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy to reduce the risk of STIs

Be the catalyst for a conversation—in one survey, primary care providers reported initiating only 40% of PrEP-medication–related discussions.6

CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; STI=sexually transmitted infection.