Few seroconversions were observed at ≥96 weeks1,2

DESCOVY FOR PrEP® was noninferior to FTC/TDF

Seroconversions at ≥96 weeks

  • Of the seroconversions observed, 1 patient in the DESCOVY arm and 4 patients in the FTC/TDF arm had suspected baseline infections
  • At primary analysis, when 100% of patients reached Week 48 and ≥50% reached Week 96, 7 patients using DESCOVY seroconverted vs 15 patients using FTC/TDF

Adherence testing at primary analysis:

In a case-control substudy, dried blood spot testing measured intracellular TFV-DP levels in red blood cells and estimated number of daily doses at HIV diagnosis.

  • Median intracellular drug levels were substantially lower in patients infected with HIV-1 at the time of diagnosis vs uninfected, matched control patients. Values for 1 patient in the DESCOVY arm are not available

Efficacy is strongly correlated with adherence.


FTC/TDF=emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate; PY=person-years; TFV-DP=tenofovir diphosphate.